Mulching Machines India

A use of Mulching Machine India is increasing every day. Mulch is a layer of material like plastic cover to the surface of an area of soil to preserve moisture, to reduce weed growth and to develop the fertility and soil health. Nowadays in India, it is necessary to do farming in smart way to save the earth and water. Most of the farmers use different agricultural methods to cultivate their cereal. But during the period of seeding and harvesting they spend lots of money on labors and on old water feeding technique to the plants, and lastly they will not gain that much as they wished or they deserved.

So for all those farmers Mulching Machine is the best way to recover and redeveloped your farming in foreign style. We have launched the latest Plastic Mulching Machine in India. The making purpose behind this agriculture machine is to save time and money which is the most important for all the farmers.

Mulching Machine Requirement

Our Machine is easy to mounting with built in three points linkage for the implements for 35 to 55 tractors horticulture field.

Plastic Mulch Film : The Plastic mulch films are easily available in market, Now a days LDPE and LLDPE plastic mulch film are commonly used for mulching.LLDPE black color mulch film is most popular.

Drip Irrigation Pipe :The Drip pipes are easily available in market

Multi Functions Of Plastic Mulch Film Laying Mulching Machine

  1. Bed Preparation
  2. Raised Bed Is Shaped Up To 8 Inches High
  3. Mulch Film Laying
  4. Hole Punching (Distance can be maintained) & Marking
  5. Lays 2.5 FT, 3 FT. 3.5 FT, 4 FT, 4.5 FT Plastic Mulch
  6. Plastic Mulch Laying
  7. Hole Making On Mulch
  8. Drip Pipes Laying

Agriculture Mulch Film and Drip Laying Mulching Machine

Another machine is added in this mulching sheet laying machine is Fertilizer Spreader. Using this sub part of plastic mulch and drip laying machine you can easily seeding in you farm as this agriculture mulching equipments spreads seeds in hole made by the film laying machine in Rajkot India.

Using this agriculture mulching machine equipments by small or big tractors will definitely helpful for farmers. This mulching film machines will not only save your time but also help you to save your labor work indirectly save your money. This advanced plastic mulching machine in India is available in Rajkot, Gujarat India.




Machine Parameter

Frame Size : Square Pipe 60 x 60 MM
(5 MM Thickness)

Length of Machne : 1726 MM

Width of Machine : 1800 MM

Height of Machine : 2030 MM

Weight approx. in kg : 325 K.G

5 in 1 Operation

  • Bed Preparation
  • Bed Shaping
  • Mulch Film Laying
  • Drip Pipe Laying(Adjustable for all types of rolls.)
  • Marking & Hole Punching (Adjustable Single, Double and Zigzag 4 , 8 , 12 , 16 , 20 , 24 , 48 inch)
  • Fertilizer Spreading
  • Use in all vegetation and horticultural crops

Mulching Machine Advantages

  • Very Fast
  • Chip
  • Time Saver
  • Save the Costly fertilizer & Water
  • Save Labour Cost
  • Protection for Costly Seeds
  • Increasing Production From 25% to 70%


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